Telemarketing Lists – Do They Still Hold Merit?

In today’s day and age a common question regarding telemarketing is whether or not a list still holds merit and is worth it? Well the fact is that telemarketing is still a busy and flourishing business which means the lists are still very much needed and also effective.

What is a telemarketing list?

If you aren’t in the telemarketing business then you may be unfamiliar with the telemarketing list. The list is exactly that a list of names and numbers of potential customers. They are used to gain new business and a way to market the business. Of course a list is only as good as the information that is included in it so in order for the list to be successful the data has to be 100% correct.

Companies will stick with the same telemarketing list for as long as that list proves beneficial for them. If it gets to a point where the business isn’t growing and the list isn’t producing new clients then it is time for a new list.

How do telemarketers find a list?

This magical list isn’t just pulled from the air instead it is usually provided by companies that specialize in collecting data and leads that is current and up-to-date. Although this may seem like a marketing method that is outdated, especially with so much emphasis based on digital communication nowadays, telemarketing still has a number of benefits.

By calling potential customers they are able to hear your voice and connect with you. It gives the telemarketer a chance to find out what the customer’s needs may be and address those needs specifically. As well it often gives the company an edge over the competition by providing this level of marketing and helps to make your company stand out and be remembered.

If you are looking for a company that you can buy a list from the first question should be about the data collection. You will need to ask when it was done, how it was done, and if they follow up to ensure the data is still accurate and correct. This company is supposed to be making your job easier as a marketer by providing you with these potential leads.

Telemarketing isn’t going anywhere any time soon in fact it manages to remain a powerful tool to use In the business world and by obtaining and accurate and current list there’s no telling what the success of the business can be.

For more information about telemarketing lists and other types of direct marketing, contact us today to find out more about how we can help grow your business!

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A Relevant, Business Telemarketing List Not Only Identifies Your Target, But Helps Anticipate Outcomes.

To make any telemarketing campaign successful, it is crucial to have a plan and strategy ready to go before you begin.  Many times, cold calling can be mistaken as a chore that needs to be done quickly.  An almost-frantic attempt to contact a large number of people to get to that all-important “yes” can create unnecessary pressure on both the caller and the recipient.

What’s needed is a measured and calculated approach, beginning with these considerations:

Identifying your target market.

Start by reviewing those clients you’ve already succeeded in selling to in the past. Look at what they all might have in common. Are they in a particular income category? Any geographic similarities? And what about their areas of interest?

Making a mental picture of your ideal client will help you approach them in a more conversational and professional manner.

Selling to a business? Above all, get the decision maker’s title, then mine all the data you can, including the average size of the company and maybe some of the issues affecting their industry today.

Profiling prospects in this way will help you understand what they might be looking for in regards to the products and services you offer them.

What’s the outcome you’re expecting from the call?

Sure, it’s easy to say you’re looking for a sale, but it might start with just setting an appointment to get things going—make sure you’re talking to the decision maker! Some sales come about slowly, and meeting with the right person can help you in laying down a solid path to repeat sales.

Understanding that it may take several calls or appointments before you actually make a sale brands you as a professional representative who respects the sales process.

More importantly, the business telemarketing list used should not only be updated, but targeted with relevant data to identify your prospect base in a wide-range of areas.

Contact us to learn more about our team of list professionals who can help you achieve a better ROI on your next telemarketing campaign.

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The Ideal List Brokers Mailing Lists Offer More Than a One-Dimensional Customer Profile.

Marketing pros are supposed to be knowledgeable in all aspects of a company’s promotional campaigns, especially when it comes to analyzing how customers are responding to the latest offerings.

Gone are the days of simply relying on using zip codes for marketing products and services. In fact, it used to be a common practice to segment those zip codes into groups exhibiting similar purchasing habits.  Obviously, the need for list brokers mailing lists had not been realized just yet.

Today, you have the ability to gain a more accurate profile of your customer base, something that goes beyond the one-dimensional demographic of age, gender, and locale, for example.

In short, you need to know why people are buying, and what motivates them to choose your product over competitors.  As such, marketers depend on psychographic data to reveal the “inner” workings of their customer to highlight a number of aspects beyond the common profiling of a prospect.

Among the variables are views the prospect may have about the product, stemming from his own spheres of interests, his mindset, habits, and opinions.  More importantly, the complete picture can only be gathered once all of the list brokers mailing lists and other data is integrated with other behavioral data.

Such research into the inner workings of the mind of the consumer begins with a practice approach to arrive at that all-important “consumer sketch.”

The distillation of the data will show insight into the true psychographic profile and will uncover a variety of details regarding lifestyle, ethnicity, culture—and even subculture—hobbies, religion and political tendencies.

At, we understand the importance of breaking down the customer base to show its makeup. Ultimately, such “segmentation” can help drive a higher ROI for clients.

Contact us to learn how our list brokers mailing lists team can help you get deep-in-the-weeds with your customer base.

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Marketing List Providers Know the Importance of Lifestyle Profiles

It’s too easy to pigeonhole customers into one group or another. Too often, marketers are prone to rely on simple demographics without regard to other considerations such as the prospect’s lifestyle, hobbies or opinions, and political leanings.  Such profiling points to a deeper level of understanding regarding the prospect and their buying patterns.  This requires a multidimensional approach, including data from marketing list providers, versus a simple demographic based on someone’s Social Network profile, for example.

What’s needed is a multi-layered look into the mind of the consumer. A more unnatural sounding word describes this marketing process: psychographic segmentation—which is often referred to as behavioral segmentation. In short, psychographic profiling is all about parsing out the array of lifestyles attached to the customer and delving into the patterns that make up their buying patterns.

Different Phases of Life

As with the Old Testament scriptures,

“There is a time for everything,

    and a season for every activity under the heavens”

We all pass through different phases in our lives. The astute marketer should know how important it is to align different promotional offers according to these different phases. For instance, when a young couple has their first child, they will probably not wish to receive Medicare offers in the mail.  And, retired seniors probably don’t want to receive advertisements about enrolling in a fall classes at the local community college.  Only the best of marketing list providers, like The List Company, knows this importance.

Furthermore, the lifestyle model is usually broken-down further into four phases, and commonly labeled as the “sagacity lifestyle model:”

  • Dependent (e.g., children still living at home with parents);
  • Pre-family (with their own households but no children);
  • Family (parents with at least one dependent child); and
  • Late (parents with children who have left home, or older childless couples).

Regardless how you might look upon your customer base, it may pay big dividends in terms of ROI if your marketing list providers know how to target your specific promotional needs to relevant customers. Contact us today to discuss your direct marketing needs with one of our List Specialists.

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Religious Donor Telemarketing Lists for Churches

Supporting ministries, outreach, and other areas where funding is required is difficult.  The church membership may not be big enough to fully fund every area that can allow for growth, a growth that could allow your church to make a big impact in the community and beyond.

Churches can use telemarketing lists to find religious donors.  When incorporated into an email newsletter, for instance, that outlines the good that a donation would provide, churches can benefit from the financial support of those that might not be in the church.  Religious donor telemarketing lists can provide a notable spark in giving.

With nearly 2.5 million contacts of those that have supported world to local religious fundraisers, this may be just what your church needs.  It could lead to supporters of the church’s outreach, social media, and other efforts.  After all, those who share in faith are happy to see the work that God is doing in other communities.

Take advantage of telemarketing lists for your church.  From religious donor lists to others (such as education donors), there are people out there that may be willing to support ministries at the church.  You could gain the financial support that could allow the church to thrive.

Contact us for more information on these lists.  You can learn more about how these lists can have an impact on the church, and how the lists are seamlessly integrated in your current marketing efforts.  The result can not only be transformation for the church, but life-altering for the people and communities that the ministries target.

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Let A Business List Broker Help You Get In Front of Senior Executives

Working with a business list broker is vital if you need to get the attention of senior executives. There is so much competition in sales, you want to take advantage of every resource when it comes to selecting the right lists, using the best channels, and designing your package and message.

While email has obviously replaced many communications that used to take place by mail and phone, you can’t rule the old channels out. Many top business people will have assistants who look at their email first and screen many messages out. Depending on your target market, a physical piece of mail may have a better chance of getting through to the desk of your desired recipient. It also helps that there is a lower volume of snail mail to potentially get lost in compared to the flood of email that some successful professionals receive today.

When it comes to your mail piece, you may want to focus on making it look as much as possible like a regular piece of first class mail. Some of these techniques add little or no cost like omitting any teaser, the writing you sometimes see on the outside envelope saying things like “Limited Time Offer!” Other good methods include using a standard number 10 business envelope, professional looking fonts, and sophisticated off white colors. If your budget allows, you may also be able to use a live stamp and a closed envelope rather than a window envelope with the address showing through the transparency. If you use email, similar rules apply for conveying a professional brand image.

Let us help you power your sales. If your offer needs to get in front of senior executives and decision makers, contact us. You can count on a knowledgeable business list broker, at The List Company, who is eager to share their expertise and guide you to the best business lists for your needs.


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Secure Marketing Lists Direct to Your Business

It all starts with the right product and/or service.  Once that is in place, you are ready to contact potential customers to grow your business and brand, and to reach the goals of becoming a major player in your industry.  However, for emerging, and established businesses of all kinds, there is one common issue – where will you find those new customers?

Thankfully, there is a way.  Available marketing lists direct to your business are the answer to this, and other problems.  Foremost, marketing lists that can include your specific niches will grant your business an endless supply of potential customers.  This makes it possible to expand rapidly.

That’s not all though.  With these direct marketing lists, your company can enjoy the seamless integration within your system.  From purchasing to utilizing the lists, the whole process is very simple and easy – which means no wasted time with organizing contacts for your system.  Once you download the lists, you will be ready to storm the market with newsletters and other communications.

With well over 100 lists, you can find marketing lists that can help your business reach that next level.  Whether you’re looking for muscle car owners or dog lovers, there is a list that is perfect for your company.  It’s quick and easy to secure marketing lists direct to your business, for seamless integration and maximum impact.

Contact us to find out more about our direct marketing lists.  Don’t hesitate to ask us any questions or if you require assistance choosing or using a list.

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Going With Non-Proven Marketing List Providers Can Only Guarantee Dismal Results

Mistakenly, a lot of businesses consider their email campaigns as a straight path to a sale without giving much thought to a ‘subject line’ or even that all-important ‘call to action’.

Worse, contracting with marketing list providers who lack expertise can only guarantee lackluster outcomes.

In today’s fast-paced and ever-changing business climate, the competition to turn response into sales is immense: We scan for value and are quick to delete irrelevant and suspicious emails.

A few steps in developing a successful email campaign might well include 7 key elements posted by ‘Melinda,’ a Qualified Advertising Professional at Google, on

1. Don’t just write a subject line…Nail it!

Use less than 10 words—you don’t want the line cut off on the browser. Check over your own spam files to determine ‘how not’ to proceed. Always, keep the reader “curious” with relevant info.

2. No tricks…let ‘em know who you are.

Go for “recognition.” Don’t try to be cagey and think you’ll lead your reader right into the body of your email. “Higher open rates” result by using your “own name” or one your recipient will know.

3. Don’t skip the ‘greeting.’

Sure you’re anxious to get to the sales point or promotion you’re offering, but make sure your lists include…Names. A good list, one that’s been updated,  will include fresh names to go with the emails. Stay clear of the generic opening, like “Dear Business Owner.”

4. That all-powerful ‘call to action.’

Don’t assume that your reader will pick up the phone to order, or will visit your website. Lead them to that decision by simply asking them…and then reminding them again at the close.

Start your next email campaign by partnering with the expert Team at ListGIANT.

You’ll receive good data and key information, like up-to-date demographics, behavior profiles and even vital stats on where your prospects are in their ‘life cycle.’

Contact us to learn more about our services, and the ‘guarantee’ we offer all our clients.

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Develop and Expand Your Consumer Base

These days, with the advent of email marketing, many people might assume that direct mail marketing has become obsolete.  However, this is not the case.  In 2010, first-class mail brought in $34 billion to the postal service, while mail termed “advertising” brought in $17.3 billion.  The ratio of advertising mail to regular first-class mail was 1:2.  USPS even has special rates for advertising mail that companies can make use of, if they’re willing to organize their direct mail efforts in such a way that handling by the post office is minimized.  Why should you consider using a list from a direct mail list brokers to further your business?  Here are a few reasons:

1.  It’s impossible to avoid direct mail.  Many people nowadays have junk mail filters in their email where your marketing efforts might end up in their spam folder without ever being seen.  However, there’s no avoiding direct mail which goes to the consumer’s mailbox.  The consumer has to take a look at it, even if they just end up throwing it out.

2.  People like getting mail.  Getting a letter addressed specifically to you makes you want to open it and see what’s inside.  When it comes to brochures, the shiny paper, the pictures, and the coupons are all appealing to the consumer.  Direct mail gives you the option to engage your consumer in many ways, by letting them know what’s available and how they can have it for the best price possible.

3.  If your business is new to an area, direct mail is a great way of letting people know that you’ve just opened.  A rundown of the services you provide and the discounts you’re willing to give will be useful to the consumer and will spread the word about your recently opened business.

4.  You can build customer loyalty by direct mail marketing.  Once you have a customer on your list, you can not only send them your usual mailings but also ones on special occasions like birthdays or festivals.  Customers like getting birthday cards or Christmas cards, even if they’re coming from a company.

If you’re looking to build your customer base through direct mail marketing, contact us for direct mail marketing lists to suit your needs.  With The List Company, you’ll get a well-researched list of possible customers who are interested in your product.  With this list in hand, you’ll be able to find new customers and build a solid consumer base.  Direct mail marketing can also be combined with other forms of marketing to make sure that your products and services are getting the exposure they deserve.

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The Importance of Having a Good “Hook”

Despite the fact that there has been an outcry against telemarketing and many consumers have gotten on the Do Not Call registry, the fact still remains that 32% of Americans make purchases from telemarketers, spending an average of $135 per call.  Telemarketing lists still work, especially if they are the well-researched kind sold by The List Company.

The most important thing, when it comes to telemarketing, is having a good “hook” for your call.  This is similar to having a good “hook” for a book or a movie.  When the beginning of a book or a movie is good, the viewer is much more likely to sit through it.  A book or a movie might be great but if it starts slowly, most readers/viewers lose their interest.  The same is true of a telemarketing call.  Start with an offer that the consumer can’t refuse or tell them something that you know will interest them and when you know something about the client’s interests, it’s easy to do this.  With The List Company, you’ll learn as much about your targeted demographic as possible.  There’s no point in trying to sell children’s products to a couple that has no children or automobile insurance to someone who doesn’t have a car.  With The List Company, you’ll get all this information and much more.

Another great tactic is to use direct mailings in conjunction with telemarketing lists.  Send someone a brochure about your product first and then follow this up with a phone call.  This is a technique which has proven to be very effective.  If someone is being bombarded with only direct mailings or only marketing emails, they may be tempted to just toss these away or delete them.  But if you approach the same person in a couple of different ways, you’re giving them more information, which customers appreciate.  Through the brochure, they’ll see what your products look like and get a detailed description.  The follow up phone call reminds them that they had meant to call and order that product.  Now all that’s left for you to do is wrap things up with a professional telemarketer who knows the product like the back of their hand.

Contact us for the best telemarketing lists and direct mail lists to suit the needs of your business.



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