How accurate is your data?
The List Company data is so much more accurate than standard commercially available marketing data that top companies have come to rely of our compilations. We even go so far as to guarantee the deliverability and contact rate of our data in writing. This is a guarantee that no other data provider makes. Our data is, of course, continuously updated with NCOA software (National Change of Address), CASS Certification, and every standard accuracy process. In order to serve you clean, deliverable data that exceeds industry standards we go many steps further using our own cross referencing and data validation methods. Because we have the privilege of living in a free society, no list on the market can be 100% deliverable at any one point in time. People move, change jobs, marry, have children, buy homes, sell homes and make other lifestyle changes every moment of every day. Ultimately it's the number of responses received and the accuracy of the selection process that sets us apart from other providers.

How can I contact you if I need help?
Phone: Our regular working hours are Monday through Friday, between 8:30am and 5:00pm PST for the Los Angeles Office and between 8:30am and 5:00pm CST for the Omaha Office. Please feel free to call at any time and if we aren't in the office, just leave a message and we will return your call first thing the next morning.


Our Toll-Free numbers are:

Los Angeles: (877) 415-5478

Omaha: (877) 547-8261


You can also reach us locally at (805)267-1590 in Los Angeles and (402) 778-0123 in Omaha.


Fax: Our Los Angeles location fax number is (805) 267-1591. Fax: Omaha location fax number is (402)431-0032.
Email: You can reach us by email at

Online: If you need immediate assistance, please feel free to use our Instant Web Call-Back Service (see left column of any page), which is available during our regular business hours.

What kind of response rate can I expect?
There are a great many variables that determine response rate in a marketing program. The product being sold, how it is offered, the creative content of the mailer or telemarketing presentation, and timing all contribute to the rate of response you will eventually experience. Consequently the rate of response can vary greatly from campaign to campaign. Paying equal attention to your product, your offer, customer incentive to respond, your creative, the timing of the campaign, and the list you use is essential. Some campaigns will be profitable with a response rate of one percent, whereas others need a much higher rate. All other variables being equal however, the accuracy and deliverability of our data will certainly improve the rate of response you would have achieved if you were to use a less reliable list source.

How can I pay for my list?
All list purchases must be paid for in advance either by credit card, wire transfer, check, or check by fax. Contact us for further details. If you wish to pay by check, make your check payable to "The List Company" and mail it to us at:

Los Angeles
The List Company
1336 N. Moorpark Rd.
Thousand Oaks, CA 91360


The List Company
11717 Burt Street Suite #205
Omaha, NE 68154

How is your data compiled?
We gather, analyze and enhance our data from a variety of sources, from public records, to title companies, to credit bureau data. From DBA filings and tax liens or judgments, to Yellow Pages, The List Company has the most comprehensive data in the industry.

What formats are available?
Download - receive your data in seconds. You can use the data to print your own mailing labels and/or prospect lists.
Diskette & Magnetic Tape - Most electronic applications will allow you to print mailing labels or prospect lists.
Mailing Labels - used for direct mail.
Prospects Lists - used for telemarketing or outside sales reps.
3x5 Sales Leads Cards - used for telemarketing.

Are we safe in regards to the DNC regulations?
The List Company is in full compliance with the DNC and all other federal, state and municipal laws. We work hard to keep up with the laws that affect our industry so that you are protected, as well.